Meet the Author: 2023

July 4, 2023, Sarah Osborne

Sarah Osborne is the pen name for a local author and retired physician who writes cozy mysteries for the same reason she reads them—to find comfort in a sometimes troubling world. In her books, the good guys always win. She has two series with new books coming out this fall: Ditie Brown Mysteries and Flo and Maude Christmas Cozies.

July 11, 2023, Lee Roscoe

Lee Roscoe, the author of Wampanoag Art for the Ages, is a long-time journalist, currently a correspondent for Artscope and Provincetown magazines. She is an award-winning environmentalist and playwright and the writer-director of the film Dreams from a Planet in Peril (available on Vimeo), with filmaker-producer Janet Murphy Robertson. She was privileged to have unique access to Wampanoag artists. The book starts in the wetu (a domed hut made by the Wampanoag people) and goes on to look at pottery, wampum, clothing, adornment, matting, twining, finger weaving, painting and more with some of the foremost Wampanoag creators, including Annawon Weeden, Ramona Peters (Nosapocket), Elizabeth and Jonathan James-Perry, Julia Marden, Robert Peters, Emma Jo Mills Brennan, and Mother Bear. Wampanoag Art for the Ages is a finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award for excellence in independent publishing.

July 18, 2023, Ben Carnevale, Nobska, 2nd Edition

Locals and tourists alike pass Nobska Lighthouse in Woods Hole every day, taking comfort in Nobska’s beauty and powerful fourth-order beam. Folks on Martha’s Vineyard and parts of the Elizabeth Islands also enjoy Nobska, as do mariners out at sea but from different perspectives and for different reasons. Carnevale takes a close look inside Nobska with photos and text, revealing the history from one of America’s most beloved lighthouses.

July 25, 2023, Darby Hobbs

Darby Hobbs is the author of two books for children: Hockey Island and The Tail of Grace and Kristoff.

Hockey Island was inspired by her grandson who wanted a bedtime story about “Hockey Island,” a place where it snows each day. To live there you must bring your imagination. There are no streets, just icy alleyways for all to skate upon, and a lighthouse that beams through the snow.

In The Tail of Grace and Kristoff, we meet Grace, the musical unicorn, and Kristoff the pig. Together, they meet each other on a shipwreck, bond over adventures and stories, nights of sparkly stars, and a visit to the island’s Magic Tree.

She is working on her third book, Color The World in Love, and is asking that young readers send in their artwork to be included in the book. The artwork should address the questions, What color is love, what is love, where can you find love, and how do you show your love to everybody and everything? For more information, go to

August 1, 2023, Linda Maria Steele

Linda Maria Steele is Adjunct Faculty at Dean College. She is a freelance writer and is the author of Finding the Writer Within, Tending the Marsh and Meet Me in My Cape Cod Kitchen. She lives in West Falmouth. You can view more of her work at

August 8, 2023, Don Wilding, Cape Cod and the Portland Gale of 1898

On the night of November 26, 1898, with a killer storm of historic proportions approaching, the steamer Portland set out from Boston. By the following night, the winter hurricane sent the vessel to the depths of Massachusetts Bay off Cape Cod, claiming nearly two hundred lives. On the Cape, a few dozen victims of the Portland disaster washed ashore, while ships piled up in harbors, high tides swept away railroad tracks, and the landscape and beaches were changed forever. Several Cape Cod mariners went to sea and never returned, caught in the gale’s evil clutches. Local author Don Wilding revisits this disaster and the heroic deeds of the U.S. Life-Saving Service and the Cape’s citizenry in what came to be known as “The Portland Gale.”

August 15, 2023, Joseph C. Salvo, I wiggled My Toes. . . Hallelujah!

Within two weeks I visited three different doctors, had four MRIs, was diagnosed with a meningioma tumor and endured twelve hours of very delicate brain surgery. Post-surgery, an unexpected turn of events occurred. If the reader is confronted with an unimaginable and seemingly insurmountable challenge, he or she must remember that with fortitude, God’s help, support from family and friends, and an excellent medical team, anything is possible.

When I left the rehabilitation facility, the entire medical staff referred to me as being a “miracle” and encouraged me to write a book. They felt that my journey would give hope to others who had dealt with, or were presently dealing with, a life-changing experience. I did indeed encounter many coincidences during my journey that re-affirmed that God had indeed interceded on my behalf during the entire process.

August 22, 2023, Terre Lamb Seeley

Terre Lamb Seeley is the illustrator of the Little Black Dog series of children’s books based upon the story of the well-known Black Dog of Martha’s Vineyard. She began and continues her body of work with published calendars entitled “A Year in a  Country House” which consists of paintings whose subject is the houses and gardens of the three Massachusetts properties she has been privileged to live on over the past 40 years. These were also published as greeting cards by H. George Caspari, and are available as prints. As a resident of Falmouth and the Berkshires she continues to show her work with her blog on her website, .

August 29, Tamsen George

Allegiance: The Life and Times of William Eustis. In Allegiance: The Life and Times of William Eustis,  William Eustis’ story touches on many major events of the nation’s early years, including his associations with many familiar characters of the times. It provides an illuminating and unique perspective of a Revolutionary War physician and his time spent in the Hudson Valley of New York State.